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Valentines by R-ena Valentines :iconr-ena:R-ena 163 8 Lust - Deceived by Pinlin Lust - Deceived :iconpinlin:Pinlin 3,235 95 Haruka Nanase by YaoiIsBeatiful Haruka Nanase :iconyaoiisbeatiful:YaoiIsBeatiful 13 0 SS 2014 - Wingul by Pinlin SS 2014 - Wingul :iconpinlin:Pinlin 2,438 69
France x Reader - Sleepy Affections
If there was one thing Francis Bonnefoy loved more than the world, it definitely had to be you.
And also the fact that you were just too cute when you got drowsy.
“You don’t have to stay awake with me, mon amour,” Francis spoke, his voice so gentle you could’ve sworn it was trying to coax you to sleep. “I’ll be finished with all this paperwork soon. Get some rest before me, oui?”
“But…” A yawn broke through your voice, effectively cutting off your sentence. “…I don’t want you to be lonely…”
His heart swelled at your words, a warm smile touching his lips as he chuckled. “Me? Lonely? With someone like you by my side? _____, just knowing that you love me is enough to chase those lonely feelings away.”
“Then… having me physically at your side must chase even more of those lonely feelings away… right?” you pointed out, your voice slowed fr
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,045 185
A Delayed Start Pirate!EnglandxReader
    You were asleep, your dreams filled with not much of anything, as they normally were. You lay on your side, one of your arms stretched out on the mattress space beside you as if something, or rather someone, was meant to be under it. This someone, however, was already up and out of bed, getting ready for the long day ahead. His calloused fingers made their way up the line of buttons on his usual white shirt, buttoning each and every one in a quick succession.
    Arthur's scruffy blonde hair still sat unbrushed on the top of his head, not that brushing the tangled mess would help to tame the locks whatsoever. His usually bright emerald eyes were dulled by the little amount of time he had actually been awake this morning, but his hands still managing to move swiftly. Years of tying precise knots had managed to train Captain Arthur Kirkland's fingers to move quickly and precisely no matter what the time or place.
    As Arthur got dressed, he continued t
:icondriftingnotes:Driftingnotes 297 53
Hasty Confessions: England X Reader
Calloused fingers traced down her sides, evenly trimmed nails digging into her in an unsteady pattern. She wanted to run, her defenses going up as his hands surrounded her, pulling her by her hips back into his arms and against his strong frame. A shudder ran through her as his lips found her neck, dark promises whispering on his breath. Her eyes fluttered, she trying to keep (e/c) eyes from dilating and giving away her thoughts, along with her desire for those promises to be fulfilled. She bit her lip, her breathing becoming shallow as his thumb teased her hip, edging closer to a place he knew could make her fall to pieces. She growled slightly, the sound nearly silent and causing his lips to turn upward in the slightest of smirks.
“Is there a problem?” She could hear the playful tease on his voice, and it was impossible to not picture the glint in his emerald eyes. Her own narrowed, a huff of frustration passing her partially open lips.
“Arthur… They
:icon12bfeygirl42:12bfeygirl42 278 47
Addicted, Punk!EnglandxReader
Cross my heart and hope to die
Burn my lungs and curse my eyes
I've lost control and I don't want it back

    A surprised noise left your lips as your back connected with the wall, the noise being heard by no one, though. Because just as it escaped your lips, it was caught by the lips of another.
    You smirked, your painted red lips meshing against that of your boyfriends.
    Then, the kiss was parted for just long enough for Arthur's accented voice to drift onto your lips. "That was a bloody great performance, love," he complimented, smirking deviously as he trailed kisses down your neck.
    Your fingers knotted in his hair as you left a soft gasp fly off your lips. People would see. People would hear. But God, you didn't care right now.
    You were in a band with Arthur and his brother, and well... being in a relationship with the very attractive guitarist did have its advantages, especially after a show.
:icondriftingnotes:Driftingnotes 258 27
Prussia X Reader: How Did You Meet Mama?
An albino sat on a vibrant couch.  He hadn’t chosen the color, you did.  You thought it would be a nice change in mood in your house.  The decision had been made when you had first gotten married and moved into a new place together.  Currently Gilbert was sitting with his child, they were reading a story book while you cooked dinner.  And quite frankly; Gilbert thought it was boring.
“What is this?” He asked, “It’s so bland!”
“But Papa, I like this book.” The child protested
“Really?  There isn’t any action or anything!”
“Then tell me a different one.”
Gilbert looked at his kid and back at the book before sighing.  
“Am I supposed to come up with one off the top of my head?” He asked
The child nodded, “How about when you and Mama met?”
He looked down at the kid and met a pair of highly curious eyes.  Gilbert then looked at the hallway that lead t
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 238 61
England x Reader - Overburdened
    You woke up to an empty bed. You sat up, shutting the alarm off before looking around for your emerald-eyed husband. The shower was not on and there was no smell of something burning. Thank goodness.
    "Arthur?" You called out, taking a step out of bed. Then you noted the note propped against the alarm clock. In that neat cursive writing of his, he had left you a note. He probably didn't want to wake you up. You picked it up and glanced over it quickly.
Sorry love, got called into work early. Don't worry too much, see you tonight.
    You sighed. You should have expected that as it had been happening more and more. You placed it back down, before going to your closet and quickly choosing your outfit for the day. You had no meetings today to do over video
:iconfrozencrystalrose:FrozenCrystalRose 698 207
Macchiato Moments - Romano x Reader
You groaned and banged your head on the table hopelessly. Papers were scattered all over the table, books and notebooks were all open waiting to be read, eraser shavings dirtied your study area, and the feeling of despair was in the air.
Yup, it was finals week.
You turned your head to the side to glare at the snickering Italian in front of you. "Lovi...Rather than eating that tomato all day, why don't you do something useful like oh I dunno…HELPING me study?"
He leaned back into his chair cozily, "Hell no that's too much work."
Your eye twitched, "Then why are you even in my house?!"
"Because you said I could come over idiota."
You scoffed. Yeah right. You knew the REAL reason why Lovino was at your house. Whenever it was exam, midterm, or final exam week, the Italian man always made sure to visit. No, not to comfort you and make the load easier but because he was secretly a masochist loving bastard deep inside.
"Why do they even have finals in December anywa
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 479 103
England x Reader - Red Stilettos
Arthur sighed, more out of irritation than defeat, as he sat down on the edge of the sofa, ready to leave at a moment's notice. There was a party that [Name] and him had to attend, and late would be absolutely not acceptable! Considering that frog had something to do with it, however, he wanted to get to that party as soon as possible, get through with the bare social niceties, and get the hell out of there. He couldn't think of a better way to spend his Saturday winter night, curled up in front of the fire, with a book and a cup of, perhaps, lemon or chamomile tea.
...but the longer [Name] took, the longer it'd take to get back home, and the longer it'll take for him to attain his temporary Nirvana.
"Arthur, dear, I won't be taking much longer. Just have to find the right shoes."
"All right, all right," Arthur muttered, as he got up, and started to pace about. Maybe it would actually be easier to get to the party early? Then slip out, no. Francis always seemed to know w
:iconwhat-the-crapola:what-the-crapola 196 144
I Love Eyebrows! - England x Reader
"I can't believe this."
"I must be going crazy."
"Of all things in the world!"
You shook your head and lightly slapped your cheeks in an attempt to keep yourself focused. You concentrated on your paper and pen in front of you.
"Come on (Name), take some notes and make yourself useful dammit," you muttered to yourself. There was another world meeting going on and you finally snagged a good seat near the front away from all the chatting and bickering near the back of the room. Things were going according to planned and you even had a stack of great notes to reflect on!....that is, until a certain country came on stage to present.
You strained your eyes to focus on your paper but you couldn't help yourself! Your eyes darted back up to the country. You let out a dreamy sigh as you feasted your eyes upon him. He was so handsome with his messy blond hair, sparkling emerald orbs, green military uniform and tie, his black leather belt, his brown combat boots, and his fair skin. He was the epit
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 490 247
HETALIA SPECIALE TRIO by Cioccolatodorima HETALIA SPECIALE TRIO :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,472 172 C-Cooollddddd!! by Cioccolatodorima C-Cooollddddd!! :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 2,620 125


Looks like I've been tagged everyone, by :iconkilluanatsume: I don't normally always pass it along, but it's been. While so why not?


1.You must post the rules.

2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in theirs journal

3.Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.

4. You must choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.

5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.

6. No tags backs

7. No stuff in the tagging section about "Your tagged if you read this". You must legitimately have to tag 11 people.

So five things about me:
1. I love to listen to multilanguage songs.
2. I want to be a doctor when I grow up, or another profession still in the medical field.
3. My favorite animated movies include Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and Wolf Children Ame and Yuki~
4. I usually go on tumblr in my free time.
5. And I love to spend time with my pet cat, whom I've had for almost three years now :)

Now to answer the 11 questions:

1. What would you like to do for a job later on?
Well I would like to have a profession in medicine :)

2. What would you favourite destination for a vacation would be?
Hmm, kinda tough since I want to go everywhere but probably the Mediterranean region, especially Turkey!

3. What is you favourite type of movie?
I have a huge range of likable genre, but my favorite would have to be a family comedy.

4. What are your five favourites music groups or artists?
Oh shoot I can never remember the names of foreign artists, but well I would have to say Evanescence, Adam Lambert, Red, Imagine Dragons, and Eric Saade XD

5. What is your favourite type of book?
My favorite type of book would be a supernatural romance with the addition of mystery and tragedy, but those make me cry XD

6. What is your favourite manga/anime?
.......WAY TOO MANY TO COUNT, but it all comes down to Detective Conan!!

7. What is your favourite manga/anime character?
My favorite anime character would have to be Kudo Shinichi from DC!

8. Do you like me as a friend? (I am curious XD)
Of course I like you as a friend, you don't even have to ask! ;)

9.  What do you perfer Halloween or Christmas?
Well honestly I don't celebrate either of them, but I look forward to Halloween cuz of all the movies they play.

10.  What animal suit you the best? (yeah I know it's weird me it's the cat)
Haha, I was about to say a cat too~

11.  Did you have fun doing this?
Certainly ^^

Now the hardest part, coming up with questions of my own:

1. What's your favorite anime/manga? ( I no it's always asked)

2. What is your favorite novel?

3. How long have you been on deviantart?

4. Do you have a tumblr?

5. What do you want to be when you grow up, or would be studying now for?

6. Do you have a pet?

7. Are you more into action or comedy movies?

8. Do you like kpop/jpop?

9. Do you have a favorite youtuber?

10. Your favorite color? (Yea I'm running out of questions XD)

11. What's your favorite song as of this moment?

Now the people I will tag will be....(sorry if you dont): :icontheartisticgenius:  :iconkarebear1012: :iconkimvan123: :iconzinniasnowdrop: :iconboundless-love:  :iconkurobafox1412:  :iconxcosmetic: :iconalice-delilah: :icontomatofairygodmother:  :iconquana0204:  :iconjemesmoriarty:


extreme-otaku77's Profile Picture
United States
Hello there~
I'm obsessed with anime/manga and I love to read fanfictions!
Sorry I'm not much of a drawer, but I do write my own fanfics, I just never have time to post them rlly.
Let's see, I also love music and different cultures as well.
Oh and if you're a DC or Hetalia fan, then we'll probably get along just fine XD (ve~)


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